Modernize the Way IT Services are Delivered and Consumed!

Globally advancing business service landscape always extends service propositions for innovative IT solutions and back office technology enabled services. There has been a huge requisition of disciplined core IT processes to support planning, execution and process monitoring across all development and operation centers.
ServiceNow System of Action and Record modernizes existing unstructured work patterns with intelligent workflows and real-time analytics. Therefore, IT can expand agility and reduce operational costs by consolidating legacy tools into a modern enterprise service management solution in the cloud!


Streamline On-Demand Delivery and Operations of Virtualized resources!

For data center industry, delivering truly agile services with unparalleled speed has always been a paramount. However, associated IT teams require end to end process discipline to ensure security, quality and high availability of virtual resources which has been a huge impediment on such industry leaders.
ServiceNow enables creating a unified operational model for centralized control on resource management, standardized procurement processes and integrated account management to accelerate infrastructure resource provisioning and managed services. With ServiceNow, administrators offer virtualized resources to all customers via Service Catalog as a managed access point while delivering role-based permissions and auditable orchestration workflows that IT governance needs!


Technology is taking over – Delivering exceptional service – Smart, Secure & Fast.

With ever evolving technology and changing customer expectations to access multiple services, the telecommunications sector today face this constant challenge to deliver best customer experience with operational effectiveness. With our service management automation manage your enterprise services with ease, anywhere, at any time. We’ve partnered with the nation’s leading telecommunication organizations to unlock the power of the ServiceNow platform from implementing proven strategies to tracking & managing IT hardware & soft assets with valuable insights on project implementation & tracking.

  • Customer Service Management: Eliminate manual tasks from your to-do-list; get 360-degree view of real time
  • customer data, services and assets in ServiceNow MSP (Multi Service Provider) platform
  • IT Operations Management: Increase your operational efficiency by integrated monitoring solutions and accurate CMDB through Discovery and Business Service Mapping
  • Intelligent IVR Solutions to create a single system of engagement for customers, agents and leads across various channels


Robust process effectiveness with Automation.

inMorphis has supported manufacturing companies with a wide range of solutions; from streamlining IT services throughout the enterprise to leveraging automation to manage processes. We provide you the best expertise to deliver better, faster & smarter services with ServiceNow Platform. If you are willing to optimize your existing ServiceNow Platform, upgrade it or implement it, being a strategic partner of ServiceNow, we are here to guide you through the entire process. With industry specific best practices and strong market experience, we help you increase your service efficiency enterprise-wide.

  • Create an intuitive self-service portal to empower service delivery anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Replace manual tasks and legacy systems with automation
  • Store complex data on cloud and gain complete & secure visibility into resources & workflows
  • Automate processes which were once performed manually such as audits, evidence collection, user-requests & more


Delivering seamless user experience and taking it to the next level.

With increasing business users and high service expectations, organizations are compelled to be service ready all the time. It’s becoming critical for IT to deliver this high level of support. The strict security needed to combat threats to the system and maintain compliance only compounds is a challenge. inMorphis has supported some of the largest retail organizations in APJ region and streamlined their first call resolution to track its thousands of IT hardware & software assets accurately. With ever increasing need of improving IT service management and enterprise service management capabilities many retailers are today adopting ServiceNow and we are here to optimize critical processes both inside out of IT such as:

  • Inventory Management: Manage and track inventory systems across all locations.
  • On & Off-boarding: Automate on & off-boarding processes to make them digital and more efficient as it is critical for an industry with such high turnover rates.
  • Store Locations Management: Streamline space planning reports by taking lengthy, paper-based processes and move them to online reports.


Transform your campus experience with service management automation.

Now automate your campus services with one single trusted cloud platform and ensure transparent & secure access to information with increased student & faculty engagement. Technology being a vital component of learning, teaching & research, is not being fully utilized by the education industry. Now deliver better IT support at a considerably lower cost and use intelligent workflows to manage your research data & student information with ServiceNow. So align your resources as per your strategic priorities and offer modern campus IT solutions to deliver best experience.

  • Achieve reduced cost levels with automation
  • Deliver an intuitive self-service experience to students with high satisfaction rates
  • Leverage ITIL-based processes that can be rapidly modified

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