Raise your process efficiency to the next level!

Service management automation couldn’t get easier! With our best-in-class ITSM solution, automate & optimize processes / workflows across IT, HR, Facilities, Shared Services & more. This revolutionary omni-channel action packed platform, aligns infrastructure, people and processes with real time performance tracking while fostering team collaboration to perform tasks & resolve issues on the go.

  • Incident & Problem Management:
    Take control of the anarchy by restoring service and responding to issues faster. Facilitate uninterrupted business processes: capture issues via omni-channel, prioritize them as per SLAs and route them automatically to the concerned resolution group. It also supports the user to avoid future service disruptions by identifying the root cause of the issue via trend analysis.
  • Change & Release Management:
    Integrate change processes across IT with ease; deploy change management efficiently by analyzing impacts, reducing risks while accelerating the release of business services. It facilitates easy meeting management; now schedule, plan & manage meetings with CAB workbench.
  • Knowledge Management:
    A knowledge sharing repository for users to gather, analyze & share information. It makes everything so handy, as it allows users to search / browse articles and provide feedback.
  • Asset Management:
    It integrates physical, technological, contractual and financial aspects of IT assets on the go. Manage & control assets, services and other configuration items with ease throughout their lifecycle via a single window.
  • Configuration Management:
    Track all IT assets / services and the relationship between configuration items while creating an available network of services. With easy & accurate data acquisition and visibility, reduce problems & incidents.


Empowering & optimizing your IT infrastructure

Get over silos! From Service Mapping, CMDB & Discovery to Cloud Management, Event Management, Orchestration and Knowledge Transfer; ITOM is a one shot solution to facilitate the increasing demands of your IT infrastructure. Map your services to underlying infrastructure, enforce good governance in compliance with the business policies, respond to incidents & problems automatically, control cloud service provisioning and measure its utilization to minimize risks and reduce outages with real time visibility of your entire IT landscape.

  • Discovery:

    Leverage the best of your IT assets! Track all the IT systems & devices connected in your enterprise network with up-to-date & accurate information; create single database to manage & map your assets with ease.

  • Event Management:

    Hassle-free event management. Now continuously monitor and ensure sound health of your services in real-time; prioritize events, gain insights and respond faster. Use event transform rules to normalize events and create actionable alerts.

  • Orchestration:

    Don’t get stuck in those repeated & manual tasks – Drive enterprise agility with Automation! Optimize your process efficiency and automate your workflows with real-time performance dashboards.

  • Service Mapping:

    Improve your service availability by mapping all IT components and dependencies in the infrastructure. Also, monitor changes & updates affecting the services in real time to eliminate issues & outages.

  • Cloud Management:

    Respond to requests for cloud services in minutes


A robust security solution to scale your IT processes. The solution streamlines remediation, accelerates responsiveness and increases overall accuracy of incident handling by leveraging collaboration functionality built into the platform. It manages & understands the security of your critical business services in IT infrastructure and uses CMDB (Configuration Management Database) to map security incidents & vulnerabilities and increase security response efficiency.


It’s super easy to connect with your customers and deliver delightful experiences with CSM! Now connect customer service to other departments with CSM tool and resolve issues faster. This easy yet comprehensive solution for your service support interactions supports self-service catalogs, integrated field service (incident, problem, change & configuration management), pro-active issue resolution with root cause analysis and maintains service transparency between agents & customers.


Get the best from your disparately allocated resources with Field Service Management. Automate your field service for end-to-end visibility of operations & business processes. FSM allows you to understand the field issues before hand, select which tools to carry, plan process list to avoid slippages and map service engineers on field to get instant job status updates. It further integrates these activities with inventory, billing, accounting and other back-office systems.

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