Q: Please share some details about the gaushala (cow shelter)? How many cows has inMorphis adopted?

The name of the gaushala is Shri Mataji Gauvansh Seva Sansthan and it is located in Barsana, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. It is a fairly big cow shelter project aimed to take care of abandoned cows left by their owners for various reasons. Presently, it is a loving home for more than a staggering 50000 cows. inMorphis has adopted 50 cows.

Q: How did inMorphis plan to adopt the cows and what is inMorphis aiming to achieve with this project?

It was our CEO, Himanshu Singhal’s vision to adopt cows and do some good for the animal society. This adoption has brought us a feeling of great privileged and we’re truly humbled with this. Cows are sacred animals according to Hindu religion. Indeed, they are fondly called ‘Gau Mata’ (mother-cow). Taking care of cows’ wellbeing is a noble work and we’re happy to contribute to this cause.

Q: Is there a historical importance linked to this gaushala or is it a random pick to adopt the cows?

This gaushala is located in the pious land of Brij in Uttar Pradesh distt., which is also known as the land of Lord Krishna. This opted for this gaushala because of the historical importance of the place called ‘Barsana’ where its located, originally known as Brahmasaran, and it lies on a slope of a ridge. The four prominent peaks of the hill are regarded as a symbol of divinity and are crowned by a highly renowned temple called ‘Laadli Ji’. Barsana is believed to be the birthplace of Radha, the beloved and constant companion of Lord Krishna.

Q: How will the proceeds be utilized for the welfare of cows?

The proceeds will be used for all the basic needs of cows, which include all-weather cow housing, daily feed, vet medical aid, medicines, cleanliness, and hygiene. More than 200 caretakers are employed to do the daily work of gausewa (cow-service). Housing and other basic comforts for gausewaks (cow caretakers) will also be taken care of with the proceeds.

Q: What kind of social impact this adoption is going to create?

The social impact is not just limited to animal welfare but there are other benefits that cows bring to the society. Cows can transform energy for good that we as humans can’t. They’re a great source of dairy products. They contribute vastly to sustainability and agricultural needs while generating income and supporting livelihoods for many around them.