• Lack of finance team visibility and flexibility across activities and tasks.
  • Inability to track agile project which utilise Scrum and Kanban methodologies.
  • Concerns about Data Integrity surrounding projects which inhibit decision-making ability.
  • Manual tracking of user stories and defects.


An enterprise powered by the Electronic Government Authority (EGA) of Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. It builds the technological infrastructure and software by digitizing public services


  1. Alignment of project work with business priorities through transparency of demands and costs, resource utilization, and applications.
  2. Service Centricity: A single dashboard that provides visibility into project health, cost and portfolio performance.
  3. Performed both static ETL and Integration based data migration of historical projects from tools such as excel, solman, planisware and other inhouse tools.
  4. Integrated SN Project Management with MS Teams for better collabaration and document management.
  5. Designed a custom Demand Management form and workflow which either created a Project or was an input to SR and other ITSM processes based on certain conditions.
  6. Implemented Agile and Test Management to track defect/issues against user stories.


  1. More than 30 Days saved on upfront governance approval.
  2. 70% Processes and workflows automated.
  3. Reduction in lead time to value delivery.
  4. Centralizes demand management and defect management system.




IT Services


Noida, India


1,000 to 5,000


Project & Portfolio Management