• No business application visibility.
  • No Application Detail and no data to explain the performance or significance of an Application.
  • No tracking of applications which made difficult to analyse which application to modernize, and which to retire.
  • No ability to manage an application plan which made it difficult to improve and align them with ideal application architecture.


A leading technology and legal services company headquartered in USA and committed to delivering full-scale Digital Legal Transformation 2000+ employees in multiple geaographies.


  1. Created a single repository for all business applications with many dimensions of detail enhanced by other data already existing in the platform including performance, cost, Software Asset Management licensing details etc.
  2. Provided complete visibility into the application so that the Eneterprise architect can focus on risk, cost, usage, quality and more.
  3. Capability based planning - Aligning business application with the business capability so that strategic initiatives can be taken.
  4. Gained visibility into ~1,000 global applications and services to determine business value.
  5. Aligned business application with architectural policy, incorporate that into a modernization roadmap and manage the execution.


  1. Reduced on-premises apps, duplicate apps, and software contract.
  2. 3x transformation initiatives supported.
  3. Delivers real-time availability of application data for strategic initiatives.




Legal Services


Noida, India


1,000 to 5,000


Application Portfolio Management