Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Experience streamlined integration of IT and organizational processes with inMorphis + ServiceNow GRC. Through ongoing monitoring and automation, our GRC application provides real-time insights into compliance and risk. This allows you to elevate organizational performance by making informed decisions based on enhanced data-driven perspectives.

In-Depth Capability and Proficiency with ServiceNow GRC


Business Continuity Management (BCM) 
Ensure seamless business operations even in the face of disasters, minimizing disruptions. Our ServiceNow GRC empowers you with comprehensive business continuity management, safeguarding your business's operational integrity. 


Vendor Risk Management 
Effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with vendors. With ServiceNow GRC, you gain an integrated approach to vendor risk management, securing your supply chain and minimizing potential vulnerabilities.  


Integrated Risk Management 
Streamline risk management across your organization. ServiceNow GRC offers an integrated risk management solution that unifies processes, making risk identification, assessment, and control seamless and efficient. 


Policy and Compliance Management 
Automate organization-wide policy management lifecycle and unify compliance processes


Risk Management 
Identify risks, non-compliant controls and monitor high-risk areas and control their impact by risk assessment criteria 


Audit Management 
Scope and prioritize audit mechanism by using risk data and eliminate recurring audit findings, thereby enhancing audit assurance 


Operational Risk Management 
Eliminate manual tracking with automated assessments. Transparent reporting to help mitigates potential risks related to vendor management. Improved end-to-end user experience of risk management processes 

In-Depth Capability and Proficiency

inMorphis+ ServiceNow GRC Unique Value Preposition

Automated Evidence Collection and Issue Generation : Simplify compliance with automated evidence collection and instant issue generation when controls fall short. Elevate efficiency by ensuring that failures are promptly addressed. 

Managed Control Lifecycle with Attestations : From new control implementations to modifications and execution, streamline processes through managed attestations, reinforcing operational integrity. 

Controlled Risk Exposure and Efficient Audit Workbench : Our platform provides a controlled environment to minimize vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, our efficient audit workbench streamlines auditing procedures for maximum effectiveness. 

Automated Compliance through Unified Control Framework : ServiceNow GRC's Unified Control Framework effortlessly align with regulations and standards, reducing compliance burdens while maintaining robust control. 

Enhanced Clarity of Governance and Risk : Unlock enhanced insights into governance and risk for every process. inMorphis GRC delivers heightened clarity, offering comprehensive views of the governance and risk landscape.

Benefits Your Business

How ServiceNow GRC Benefits Your Business


Automated Evidence Collection and Issue Generation : Simplify the complex task of compliance with the automated evidence collection feature. When controls fall short, our inMorphis GRC instantly generates issue reports, ensuring swift attention to failures. This powerful combination elevates efficiency and ensures that potential issues are promptly addressed.  


Managed Control Lifecycle with Seamless Attestations :  Navigating control lifecycles has never been smoother than with ServiceNow GRC. The managed attestations feature of our platform streamlines the process of adding, modifying, or executing new controls. By reinforcing operational integrity at every step, we empower you to maintain control with confidence. 


Controlled Risk Exposure and Optimized Audit Workbench : inMorphis GRC minimizes vulnerabilities by providing a controlled environment, strategically limiting risk exposure. Meanwhile, our efficient audit workbench optimizes auditing procedures, maximizing their effectiveness. With our comprehensive solution, you're equipped to manage risk intelligently and ensure regulatory compliance. 


Automated Compliance with the Unified Control  Framework :  Embrace the future of compliance with ServiceNow GRC's unified control framework. Seamlessly align with various regulations and standards through automated processes. Through our platform, you can reduce compliance burdens while preserving robust control measures. 


Enhanced Clarity: Illuminating Governance and Risk : Gain unprecedented insights into governance and risk for every process. inMorphis GRC provides a panoramic view of the governance and risk landscape, enhancing your understanding and decision-making.


Comprehensive Vendor Risk Mitigation : Efficiently manage vendor-related risks with inMorphis GRC. Our platform extends its capabilities to encompass vendor risk management, ensuring the security and resilience of your supply chain. By seamlessly integrating vendor risk considerations, we strengthen your overall risk management strategy. 


Seamless Integration for Enhanced Efficiency : Achieve operational harmony with inMorphis GRC's integrated management approach. Seamlessly combine different management aspects to create a unified operational framework. This integration enhances efficiency by eliminating redundancies and optimizing resource utilization. 

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

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