Q: What is the name of this 100 years old Sanskrit School and where is it located? How many students are studying there?

The school is named ‘Shree Chandi Sanskrit Medium Vidhalya’ located in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. It is affiliated to UP Sanskrit Board, Lucknow for 6th to 12th grade. This school with a historical significance was established nearly 110 years ago in 1912 by Shri Balak Ram Shastri. Currently the school has 50 students who belong to various castes but mostly are Brahmins. Acharya Pushpendra Kumar is currently the principal there and holds this position since 2009.

Q: Please talk briefly about the history of the school

Since the incorporation of the school in 1912, more than 15,000 students have done their schooling from it. Many of the students in the school come from Nepal, Uttarakhand to pursue their studies. Almost all students have made a good name for themselves in the society, and have excelled in their career. Also, most of the reputable pandits and pujaris (Hindu priests) in Hapur have done their schooling from this school.

Q: What are the activities the school is involved in currently?

The school provides knowledge in the fields of Philosophy of Karma, Astrology, Divinity and Theology, all in line with the religious philosophy of Hinduism. The school provides free education, boarding facilities and meals to all its students. Having been transformed with modern age, yet being rooted to its philosophy of Humanity – the school today has introduced other subjects for the students, such as, Grammar, Literature, Hindi and English.

Q: How did inMorphis plan to renovate the school? Where did the idea come from?

It was the vision of our CEO, Himanshu Singhal, who is extremely passionate about doing great things for the society. He also feels deeply towards our nation’s historical significance. The renovation project of this school without doubts is keeping a piece of our history alive. Also, with such projects, inMorphis envisions our ancient history, literature and ethics are well preserved and taught.

Q: Which areas of the school are being renovated? What is the total school area?

The total area of the school is around 700 square yards. Along with renovating the major school area, we’re also freshly constructing some additional rooms for the students’ hostel. We’re also reconstructing the kitchen, washrooms, havan (prayer) area, computer lab and classrooms for the students. inMorphis has not only taken up the responsibility of funding the renovation but is also ensuring that the work is done properly and in timely manner, so the studies of students are not hampered. We’re helping with the entire construction work under the school’s and our collaborative supervision.

Q: How will this renovation exactly help in creating a social impact?

This renovation is keeping the ‘Gurukul’ system of education alive and going. The Gurukul system of education existed during ancient times where students used to reside at guru’s (teacher) place and learn everything which can be later implemented to find solutions to real life problems. An emotional bond between a guru (teacher) and shishya (student) was a must before practicing teaching and gaining knowledge. The guru imparted the knowledge of everything, such as religion, Sanskrit (one of the ancient languages), scriptures, medicine, philosophy, literature, warfare, statecraft, astrology, history and many more. Through this, project, we at inMorphis are contributing towards strengthening our ancient roots of learning and education.