Have you ever wondered how modern businesses streamline their operations and boost productivity? In a world driven by technology, the answer often lies in the efficient management of digital workflows and IT services. Enter ServiceNow, a versatile platform that has revolutionized the way organizations handle their operations. But the real question is, do you truly understand the extensive scope of ServiceNow support services and how they can transform your business? If you're curious about harnessing the full potential of this powerful tool, you're in the right place.    


In this blog, we'll embark on a journey to explore the myriad ways these support services can reshape and elevate your operational landscape. Get ready to discover the possibilities!   


ServiceNow Support Services - Understanding the Concept and Its Significance 

ServiceNow support services are like the secret sauce that makes business collaborations truly sizzle. They're all about creating a bridge between companies and their support partners, using the magic of offshore services with ServiceNow’s platform to make it happen. These services don't just connect the dots; they educate folks about potential business partners and uncover exciting opportunities for enterprise services.  

But here's the kicker: They're not just about talking. ServiceNow support services provide a practical blueprint for putting those great ideas into action. It's like having a trusty toolbox with all the right tools for building and executing support strategies.  

What sets ServiceNow apart? Well, it goes the extra mile. It doesn't just stop at regular support – it takes things up a notch, all the way to the executive sponsor level. That's where the "WOW" factor comes into play.  

To understand the real magic, let's break down the four-stage journey that ServiceNow offers: 


1. Scaling and Sustaining ESM: This stage focuses on expanding the ESM framework and ensuring its sustainability. 

2. Executing Service Opportunities: Here, the emphasis lies on effectively implementing service opportunities within the organization. 

3. Driving Awareness to Attract Sponsorship: This stage involves raising awareness about ESM to attract executive-level sponsorships. 

4. Expanding Support for Enterprise Services: The final stage revolves around broadening support for various enterprise services


Scope of ServiceNow Support Services to Address Broader Business Needs 

ServiceNow support extends its reach by encompassing various modules, including: 

  • ServiceNow Support 
  • ServiceNow Consulting
  • ServiceNow Integration
  • ServiceNow Administration
  • Security Audit and Monitoring
  • Monitoring System Performance
  • ServiceNow App Development 


To meet broader business requirements, our focus should be on engaging with business partners who express interest in and actively participate in ServiceNow improvement initiatives. This entails implementing a structured educational approach centered around addressing business priorities. 

KYC Criterion: Identifying Eligible Business Partners 

When it comes to finding the perfect business partners, you must follow a practical approach by using KYC (Know Your Customer) criteria. This involves a comprehensive questionnaire that delves into the realm of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) use cases.  

a.) Unpacking ESM Use Cases: 

  • How Do Requests Get Started?  
  • Methods for Tracking and Managing Requests?  
  • Assignment and Management of Requests?  


b.) Evaluating Operational Performance: 

To gauge the operational excellence within your department, we go deeper by assessing the benefits derived from enterprise services. This involves establishing a clear set of guidelines to address the following questions: 

  • Sources of Request Origination?  
  • Effective Management of High-Priority Work?  
  • Optimizing Request Tracking at Different Lifecycle Stages? 


Optimize Your Business Partners Through Internal Analysis 

In the world of business, enhancing your relationships with partners is like fine-tuning an instrument for a symphony. It's about making those partnerships more effective and influential. Here's how: 

As a service partner, you should: 

  • Concentrate on in-depth digital transformation or process automation.
  • Differentiate between primary and secondary data to pinpoint processes in need of streamlining.
  • Consider reviewing the financials of your business partners to grasp their financial model.
  • Distribute questionnaires throughout the organization to gain insights into service-related use cases.
  • Identify inventory to gain insight into Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Once business operations are identified, future trends become more discernible. 


Meeting Your Business Partners to Gain Insights 

When you're face-to-face with your business partners, remember these three golden rules for gaining valuable insights: 

  • Adopt Their Terminology: Use industry-specific language and terminology to speak their language. It's the first step in building a strong mutual understanding. 
  • Pose Thought-Provoking Queries: Dive deep with thought-provoking questions that spark meaningful conversations.
  • Cultivate Trust: Build it through transparent communication and consistent reliability. It's the bedrock of long-lasting relationships. 


Identify and Capture Use Cases 

Make your interviews count by focusing on two key questions: 

  • Identify any bottlenecks and advocate for the prompt implementation of beneficial changes.
  • Diagnose issues by considering various platform dependencies, then provide solutions that contribute significant business value to the organization. 


Diverse Areas of Business Impacted by ServiceNow Support Services 

In the business world, maintaining a laser focus on expanding and sustaining Enterprise Service Management (ESM) support is vital. To truly excel, let's dive into the various aspects of business touched by ServiceNow support services, like uncovering hidden treasures right in our backyard. 

  • To effectively engage with your business partner, craft a transparent roadmap aligning ServiceNow implementations with ESM use cases. Communicate your commitment to delivering functionality in phases.  
  • Leverage out-of-the-box (OOB) functionality to navigate upgrade challenges, aiming to limit customization to no more than 10%-15%. Employ the Governance tool to validate the roadmap and its associated resources.  

By meeting your partner's expectations, you pave the way for scalability over time, ensuring an influx of additional functionalities within horizontal or vertical disciplines for future delivery. 

Build Your ESM Paradigm 

Invest in designing and launching enterprise services, including platform building. Develop support verticals for different business units and manage customer-centric use cases. 

ServiceNow Support Services Offered by inMorphis 

At inMorphis, we're all about serving a diverse global clientele, and our expertise extends across a wide spectrum of disciplines. Our experienced practice leaders oversee a range of service domains, and we're proud to have partnered with industry giants in various sectors, including: 

  • Financial Services
  • Banking Services
  • Stock Exchange
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Service Operations Units, including BPOs and KPOs

We offer faith and assurance to deliver WOW during our association 

  • Our team is a powerhouse of offshore services that includes certified professionals, like architects, developers, quality associates, team leaders, managers, and more. They bring not just expertise but also an optimistic outlook to the process of development, ensuring robust financial returns in the quarters ahead. 
  • Guided by the visionary leadership of our CEO and CTO, inMorphis makes the most of the full spectrum of ServiceNow features and services within our dedicated vertical. 
  • Our forte lies in Enterprise Service Management (ESM), and we stand ready to meet diverse business needs, all backed by a track record of numerous success stories.  
  • And for every Business Service Owner, inMorphis has your back. We offer a comprehensive dashboard that empowers you to compare and analyze your current business performance. It's a tool designed to facilitate data-driven decision-making and the implementation of optimal business forecasting strategies. 

With inMorphis as your partner, you're not just getting support – you're getting a dedicated team committed to your success and a toolbox of resources to drive your business forward. 

inMorphis regularly drives awareness programs to gain sponsorships. The key points in these programs are calculated: 

  • Promotion through public promotion and ongoing storytelling.
  • Scaling ESM by applying executive-level sponsorship.
  • Spreading awareness of ESM success across the enterprise. 


inMorphis offers: 

  • Enhanced Business Priorities: We focus on addressing current business challenges using ESM.
  • Monopoly: We demonstrate how ServiceNow offers a platform with solutions.
  • Redesigning Legacy Processes Using Best Industry Standards: We offer a transparent and crisp approach to optimizing business processes more efficiently.
  • Advisory: We provide the best advisory to business services to implement paradigms as needed without deviating from the out-of-the-box (OOB) methodology. 


How Support Services Integrate Seamlessly into Existing Business Processes? 

When it comes to integrating support services into existing business processes, we understand the importance of a smooth transition. Initially, Enterprise Service Management (ESM) opportunities often appear straightforward, with quick implementation and minimal organizational change management required. To enhance these opportunities and drive current service improvements, we recommend the creation of pilot programs. 

These pilot programs involve the development of full-fledged services, but the presentation and testing take place within a select subset of the audience. This approach enables us to effectively identify and measure the impact, gaining valuable support from our partners. 

Through systematic comprehension and client discussions, we establish an integrated approach to improvement, which ultimately enhances your business processes. This step-by-step method ensures a holistic and effective transformation. 


  • Propose a POC and a Prototype

To give business partners a better understanding of the suggested implementation, create a POC or a prototype. Without going into the initial requirements, it enables you to demonstrate the anticipated consequences.

  • Run a Pilot 

Propose a phase-wise delivery, get it signed off, and implement the same in a strategic order. 

  • Enable Early Consumer Experiences to Identify Any Breach in Information Gathering 


Allow users to feel WOW and gather important insights from user experiences. 

  • Build a Scorecard with Your Pilot Results 

To show progress to business partners, the Scorecard should record data from one or more focal points that indicate updates across the SOB module. For better decision-making, monitor performance data and use KPIs. 

  • Create a Library of Success Stories 

Create case studies to keep a knowledge base up to date and import references to create success tales for future sales.




In our quest to understand the extensive world of ServiceNow support services, we've uncovered a transformative force for modern businesses. ServiceNow goes beyond mere technology; it's about enhancing partnerships, identifying key use cases, and delivering real solutions. At inMorphis, we stand at the forefront, offering a wide range of services across various industries. Our certified experts are dedicated to unlocking ServiceNow's full potential.  


As we wrap up this journey, we invite you to take the next step. Contact inMorphis now and experience the WOW factor of our support services. Let's embark on a transformative journey tailored to your needs. Together, we'll reshape your business operations in the most efficient way possible.