Businesses of today are faced with an extensive list of technical solutions, both on-premises and on the cloud, to manage their business services and systems. As the complexity of IT infrastructures increases, so does businesses’ ability to maintain service levels. If new systems and processes are not aligned and synchronized across a business, it can result in a lack of visibility, which can negatively impact critical services. With inMorphis + ServiceNow Information Technology Operations Management (ITOM), businesses can manage and mitigate this situation.

Bring It All Together with ServiceNow ITOM

1)    Increased Productivity – Reduce outages and fast-track resolution, resulting in a better customer experience.

2)    Improved Efficiencies – Save time by streamlining the management of infrastructure and service components, optimizing operational agility.

3)    Enhanced Engagement – Maintain employee workflows and productivity, improve partner relations, and provide an enhanced end-customer experience.

4)    Better Visibility During Change - Visibility throughout the entire organization is vital, but visibility is especially crucial when the organization is going through a substantial shift. ITOM can assist organizations in maintaining visibility in the wake of enormous change. They may allow enterprises to manage infrastructure and services from a single location. As a result, organizations may improve service quality, strengthen change processes, decrease risk, optimize infrastructure expenditure, and eliminate software compliance challenges by using this single source.

5)    Faster Analysis & Resolution - With ServiceNow ITOM, employees don’t have to waste time on error-prone activities. Also, Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) also assists in preventing service disruptions. These two factors use relevant and contextual change, problem, and incident data to minimize the time to issue resolution.

6)    Better Reporting & Data Accessibility - As data becomes more widely available, it’s critical to make it available to everyone in the team who requires it. Data accessibility and reporting have increased, thanks to inMorphis’ implementation capability of ServiceNow ITOM, which has aided in making informed business choices and ensuring compliance.


Benefits of ServiceNow ITOM


Gain Transparency and Control of Global IT Operations

1)    Discovery finds and populates your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with all your business applications and devices, effectively combining your entire IT infrastructure into one place rather than having to manage it across multiple systems.

2)    Service Mapping is coupled with the discovery process to find and map Configuration Items (CIs), so you gain full visibility of the CIs that deliver your business services. This gives you the sight of how your CIs interact with each other as part of complex business services.

3)    Event Management allows you to pull in events from multiple business systems (e.g., SCOM) along with a rule-based model to automatically generate alerts and issues from these events. This is surfaced in a dashboard of information that can be used to monitor the health of your IT infrastructure and will send alerts to notify you of any issues so that the impact on your operations can be minimized.

4)    Operational Intelligence is an add-on application for Event Management that uses machine learning based on historical data to proactively scan for potential anomalies in performance thresholds that may impact service.

5)    Orchestration enables code-less automation of 3rd party products and applications so that management tasks and remedial actions can be initiated.

6)    Cloud Management gives you full visibility of your cloud operations, enabling you to streamline both cloud and on-premises applications. It creates an on-demand environment whereby cloud-related costs can be better controlled, and cloud applications can be automated to better manage your total IT estate. 

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 inMorphis Making a Difference with ServiceNow ITOM

1)    Consulting Services - inMorphis provides a deep analysis of service delivery efficiencies, identifies infrastructure problems, and recommends self-healing solutions

2)    CMDB 360-Degree View - The implementation is about providing a 360-degree view of CMDB including hardware, CI services, and Cloud Management. There is a deep focus on service-centric implementations to provide maximum benefits.

3)    Maximizing Co-Relations in Events - inMorphis approach is to maximize co-relations of events based on the customer environment to get maximum benefits of implementation and reduce event noise, and also, reduce the effort in troubleshooting.

4)    Automation - We drive automation – orchestration escalates enterprise agility by facilitating IT manual tasks to be automated; including the systems and applications that are external to the ServiceNow platform.

5)    Finding Gaps – Get a focused approach that is based on the customer environment to provide the maximum benefit of the product.


inMorphis making a difference with ServiceNow ITOM

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The Big Benefits of inMorphis + ServiceNow ITOM

1)    Improve Service Visibility - Gain a better understanding of how IT infrastructure from different data centers and cloud providers interacts to deliver business services.

2)    Increase Service Availability - Detect, diagnose, and automatically resolve service issues before they become a problem.

3)    Improve Service Agility - Automate IT operations and initiate remediation activities to address issue circumstances that affect business services before they become a problem.

4)    Manage Hybrid Clouds - Give users self-service access to cloud resources, enforce good governance and compliance automatically, and get a clear picture of cloud costs.

5)  Leverage IT Service Management Investment – Seamlessly integrate IT Operations Management capabilities into ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) to provide a comprehensive solution for preventing service disruptions and managing hybrid clouds.