As the complexities of businesses are increasing, threats are increasing too. Identification, assessment, and management of risk have become the utmost priority for any organization. Risks can’t be avoided as organizations deal with a lot of things like services, products, vendors, technologies and so much more. Risk can arise from any of these business disruptions resulting in losses and damages. inMorphis + ServiceNow Risk Management is used as an application that continuously monitors and identifies high-impact risks helps in reducing reaction time along with improving risk-based decision-making. Risk Management is a part of ServiceNow GRC Suite and works along with Policy & Compliance, Audit, Vendor Risk, Business Continuity Management, and Continuous Authorization & Monitoring.

Features that increase risk visibility

1.     Real-Time Risk Identification: Risk Management (ServiceNow GRC) provides real-time insights, and simplified and accelerated reporting with role-based dashboards

2.     Performance Increment: Organizational performance can be increased and day-to-day operational interruptions can be decreased by embedding risk management into automated cross-functional activities

3.     Unparalleled User Experience: inMorphis+ServiceNow Risk Management provides unparalleled UX to its user base. It allows users to manage risks, risk statements, and risk frameworks along with managing risk assessments

4.     Real-Time Dashboards: Risk Overview Dashboards have two views – one, having inherent risk reports, and another with residual risk reports. Real-Time Dashboard can be viewed by respective managers, and they can perform their assigned tasks along with delegating tasks to team members. Dashboards also provide them a view to keep track of various records or objects in transit

5.     Mobile App: Risk Management provides managers a way to stay ahead of risks and a way to work remotely. They can approve or reject pending tasks assigned to them or assign tasks to their team members. They can also manage and reassign the team’s overdue tasks

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Features that can increase risk visibility


Capabilities to strengthen security  

1.     Provides structured workflows for the management of risk assessments, risk indicators, and risk issues

2.     Risk Management detects failing critical components or controls between different assessments

3.     Risk Management in GRC inMorphis+ServiceNow identifies and stores risks and important information in a single place

4.     Identifies key risk indicators automatically without human intervention

5.     Design and start self-assessments to monitor risks and control accuracy

6.     Map risks and autogenerate controls based on questionnaire responses

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inMorphis' USP

1.     Integration: Risk Management capabilities are extended by integrating ServiceNow Risk Management with other applications for better services

2.     Single Source of Records: Identify and store risks in a single place and it aligns with a common risk taxonomy

3.     Mobile Interface: Provides a mobile interface for remote assessment

4.     Different types of Risk Scores: We can have both Qualitative and Quantitative Scores which apply asset/process-centric methods that use service performance data along with CMDB business impact

5.     Advanced Reporting: Risk Management uses interactive dashboards and Performance Analytics

6.     Risk Hierarchy and Scoring: Provides managers the capability to create hierarchies that include operational, IT, and security risks. After assessing the underlying risks, the risk scores are automatically rolled up across the risk statement hierarchy

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inMorphis' USP in Risk Management by ServiceNow GRC


Business domains we've covered

inMorphis as an implementor of ServiceNow GRC / Risk Management has a robust foothold in the BFSI domain and is amongst the few implementors of Risk Management for BFSI.

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How business can benefit

1.     Fast-track risk-based decision-making. Risk Management prioritizes needful activities based on automated risk scores that help in working on the most critical risks first

2.     Elevate performance through embedding Risk Management in automated cross-functional activities that further eliminate any interruptions in work

3.     Dashboards and Reports – Real-time insights and role-based dashboards make reporting at all levels easier and faster

4.     Provides Mobile Interface that helps get the necessary information anyone needs to do their job anytime and from anywhere


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