IT Service Management (ITSM) is a term associated with providing IT services to clients and users. IT services have a lifespan that begins with strategy and continues with design, transition, and operation. Continuous service improvement is crucial to the on-going health of IT services and the support of changing, growing, and simplifying business operations once they are in place. The IT Service Management (ITSM) solution delivers scalable workflows for managing and delivering IT services to your consumers through a single cloud-based platform. The ServiceNow ITSM solution may help your agents work more efficiently, swiftly fix issues, and boost user happiness. You may also use platform native AI to speed technological upgrades, examine recommended actions for incoming tickets or inquiries, and use enterprise chatbot technologies to boost self-service and automation. Users may also access ServiceNow ITSM using the NOW Platform's mobile or web-portal interfaces.

Key Features of inMorphis + ServiceNow ITSM

  • 1) Transformation -  Many IT applications have used the Now Platform since it was created for the cloud, and it has its own common data model, AI, and workflow automation. The ServiceNow platform and applications work together to help you enhance productivity by automatically finding and resolving issues, reducing the negative business consequences of the unplanned, non-strategic activity.

  • 2) Experience Enhancing -  Automate common agent contacts from the Employee Center portal and improve resolution speed. You can automate incident classification and assignments with supervised machine learning and avoid bottlenecks caused by human event triaging. Meet rising demand without adding more people, allowing existing IT staff to focus on more important tasks.

  • 3) IT Services Consolidation -  Reduce the number of different tools your firm employs to give a uniform service experience no matter what the issue or request is. You can better manage and allocate resources and track performance by consolidating IT services. You may have a single, trustworthy data source where performance can be tracked in real-time and data can be easily captured and reported.

  • 4) IT Productivity Improvement -  With built-in machine learning, you can speed up the resolution process. Chatbots give instant answers to frequently asked queries. With the ITSM Virtual Agent in place, you can help workers; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Agents at the service desk can use machine-learning automation to handle problems and offer resolutions for other agents based on previous events.

  • 5) Visibility into Processes and Services -  Real-time analytics throughout the whole IT value chain will help you make better decisions. Using data trends and projections, gain fresh insights into service performance. Performance Analytics allows you to predict patterns based on current conditions and prior performance and identify areas where automation might help you save time and money.

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  • 6) Mobile Connectivity -  The ITSM mobile agent allows you to stay connected and obtain information in real-time. You can see work that has been assigned to you or your group, get push alerts, and accept or reject modification requests and items that have been requested. The ITSM mobile agent is available on the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.
    7) Edge Encryption -  This gives you complete control over the security of your data. Encryption and key management happen amongst your browser and your intranet's ServiceNow application.

Key Feature of InMorphis + ServiceNow ITSM

Capabilities Like No Other
  • 1. Incident Management -  Restore services and rectify issues as soon as possible. Ensure that employees can readily contact support to track and resolve concerns to keep them productive and pleased.

  • 2. Problem Management -  Find and repair even the most difficult problems, reduce the effect of unplanned downtime, and prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

  • 3. Change Management -  With comprehensive risk and effect information, use built-in AI to simplify, automate, and speed complex change processes. Reduce the risk of failure and save money.

  • 4. Request Management -  Employees and consumers can use AI-powered self-service. Make it simple to request products, services, and answers from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

  • 5. Now Mobile -  From a mobile app powered by the Now Platform, find answers and get things done across IT, HR, facilities, and other departments.

  • 6. Mobile Agent -  With purpose-built mobile workflows, you can untether your service and support agents and allow them to work from anywhere.

  • 7. Virtual Agent -  With an AI-powered conversational chatbot, make it simple for workers and consumers to handle issues quickly and receive what they need when they need it.

  • 8. Virtual Agent -  Let your workforce focus on more important tasks by incorporating machine learning into your processes. Automate mundane chores to get things done faster.

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inMorphis' Unique Selling Proposition with ServiceNow ITSM

  • 1. Real-Time Analytics -  Real-time analytics throughout the whole IT value chain may help you make better decisions. Using data trends and projections, gain fresh insights into service performance.

  • 2. Unified Mobile App -  With purpose-built mobile workflows, employees may use a contemporary mobile app that operates on a single platform to obtain answers and communicates across different departments.

  • Specialized and certified people are working on the vendor risk management module.

  • 4. Single Platform Delivery -  Use built-in practices to quickly combine diverse products into a unified cloud-based engagement solution.


    • InMorphis' Unique Selling Proposition with ServiceNow ITSM

Our Specialized Business Domains

inMorphis has implemented ServiceNow ITSM in Telecom, Tech Services, Railroad Transportation, and more. inMorphis has also been an implementor of ServiceNow ITSM with a key government department. There it worked on digitalizing Public Services.

What's in for Businesses

  • 1. Single Platform Delivery -  Use built-in practices to quickly combine diverse products into a unified cloud-based engagement solution. To gain access to your sharing data and analytics, use the most recognized IT service procedures.

  • 2. IT Productivity Improvement -  With AI-assisted recommendations, you can increase agent efficiency and speed up issue resolution. Allow your IT staff to focus on some other duties by automatically allocating incidents to the relevant resolution team.

  • 3. Resilient Experiences - With always-on IT services, you can shape service experiences for employees wherever. Virtual agents that comprehend simple human language can automate help for frequent queries.

  • 4. Creating New Insights -  Deliver high-quality services at scale and optimize your operations regularly. Dashboards and real-time analytics are built-in, giving you full insight into any operation or service.

  • 5. Unified Mobile App -  Employees may use a contemporary mobile app that operates on a single platform to obtain answers and communicates across IT, HR, facilities, finance, legal, and other departments.

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Continuous improvement is necessary to maintain good IT services and support in these fast-changing business operations. 

Businesses can improve efficiency, automate common contacts, consolidate IT services, and get visibility into processes and services by incorporating ServiceNow ITSM


With specialized business domains and certified personnel working on IT Service management, businesses can be sure they are receiving the best possible solution. inMorphis can help by providing businesses with the tools & support they need to streamline their IT service management.