The service industry runs on 3 components – people, processes, and tools. The situation was more on the people when the IT industry was a baby in a birth canal. Now, it is more 'process and tool' based so that humans can utilize their brain volume of 2000 cubic cm (approx.) for the right things. Hardware asset management is no different than this approach. Here is a story on how relying on just people can make you fall into a situation of loss. I know it is difficult to even think about our big infrastructure, its configuration, stockrooms, and who owns what? Let's find out how we can make it easy with ServiceNow.

A Short Story to Explain How ServiceNow Makes Things Work for Organization

They shoot the weak first. It was a cold December night, the clock striking a quarter to 9, and Sita had been dead inside for several weeks before she came to understand the gravity of her situation. It was already late to leave the office; however, things were a mess in the meeting room.


"Stop!" Sita screamed at the people in the room. 37-year-old Sita believed that there is only one thing to be grateful for as a human: having her integrity together.


"Can we all sit and talk!" she said to everyone.


"We could never recover this much money back," How can you trust the wrong person with all of our hardware assets, Sita? Tell us how we can save our jobs from such severe loss now. He stole a good amount of it. Do you have a list of all the assets?" asked Vikram (VP).


"It was with him only," Sita conveyed with tears. "It's difficult to keep track of every stock, asset, and consumable. Data is constantly changing, too. I had to find someone who could keep track of everything and look after the IT asset management process so that I could concentrate on my work. Unfortunately, I experienced a betrayal." Sita attempted to clarify.


There was tension between everyone. For several seconds, Sita was in emotional shock. Then, finally, she walked out of the office and began to walk with so many thoughts in her mind. She sat on a rock midway. A few minutes later, she started shouting. She was angry, with tears loaded in her eyes. She even threw stones at the dog, trying to come close to her.


Suddenly, a deep voice said, "Hey, you are so cold-hearted." When Sita turned around, there stood a tall, dark guy who appeared to be in his mid-30s. Sita glared at him angrily.


"My name is Tara. I am from ServiceNow and was having a conference nearby and heard you shouting", Tara responded.


"My tears are coming because I'm upset with someone," Sita said.


"Who?" Tara asked.


I trusted my colleague with my asset data and information, and there was no proper process in place. Because of this, we are at a total loss; all our data is lost," Sita explained.


"So, what I understood is you need something to look after your IT asset management process, track all your hardware asset information, stock information, and maintain the data when it's changing during the lifecycle," Tara (ServiceNow) said.


Sita responded firmly, "Yes, accurate, and thanks for repeating what I just stated.


"Haha, why don't you try our tool then? I guess coincidence made us meet" Here are my top solutions.


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8 Solutions Associated with ServiceNow Hardware Asset management


  1. ServiceNow hardware asset management can manage your inventory and maintain your asset and stockroom information in one source - ServiceNow. So, that solves your data inventory part.  
  2. What about maintenance now? All the inventory can be maintained for ever-changing data - through the asset lifecycle processes from request to the retirement of an asset.  
  3. Bonus: You can source and transfer assets, lease assets, and renewals.  
  4. Executive dashboards view the health and lifecycle of all technology assets, from software to hardware to cloud resources. So, you can view through the dashboard only instead of going to each record.  
  5. End-of-life/end-of-support would be maintained for your inventory. Proactively plan for them.  
  6. How about some ROI now? Lifecycle visibility from commissioning to decommissioning reduces overspending.  
  7. Pre-plan refreshing and retiring aging assets to avoid delays in work.
  8. Manage to decommission expensive assets, like Datacenter, proactively.  

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"I must leave now. Take care of yourself, and I wish you the best," Tara said as she left the room.


"Wait, can we work on this?" Sita said with a convincing voice.


"Sure," Tara responded with a smile.


Sita was convinced and happily established a process with the help of Tara in her business.


The Summary


In conclusion, the story of Sita's loss due to lack of proper hardware asset management highlights the importance of relying on processes and tools in addition to people in the IT industry.

inMorphis, in partnership with ServiceNow, offers an excellent solution with its hardware asset management system. It can manage inventory, maintain data accuracy during the lifecycle, and provide executive dashboards for easy monitoring.

It can help organizations proactively manage their assets, avoid overspending, and plan for end-of-life and end-of-support assets. By leveraging ServiceNow, businesses can establish a robust process and avoid falling into a situation of loss like Sita. So, take a step forward and implement ServiceNow hardware asset management to rise from the Dead Sea of asset mismanagement.

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