In the dynamic landscape of today's tech-driven world, where every click and tap counts, optimizing productivity has become the ultimate pursuit. Enter ServiceNow's hardware asset management solution – digital wizardry designed to orchestrate seamless efficiency. It plays a significant role in optimizing productivity.  


ServiceNow hardware asset management has an embedded element that is used for reporting and forecasting purposes. Hardware asset management solutions can be summed up as the hardware asset management dashboard, which is updated in real-time and hence plays an important role in optimizing productivity! 


The Components that were used on ServiceNow’s HAM dashboard were as listed below:  



Asset Overview 

A.) The Asset Health Tab: It is designed such that it allow you to track  

  • Defective 
  • Missing  
  • Aging Assets  

Hence, it allows the organization to reduce the risks and costs that might arise from failure.  

a. Incomplete Assets: Here, the objective is to ensure purchase data completeness.   

b. Eligible for Refresh Assets: Here, the objective is to prioritize upgrades and reduce aged assets.    

c. Asset Incident Frequency: Here, the objective is to identify the non-functional assets to optimize the environment and maximize the effect of remediation actions.    

d. Active Assets not Discovered: Here, the objective is to ensure deployment data accuracy, as it helps to identify the pin-pointed assets. 


Model Management 

A. Here the objective is to identify the assets with Models Hardware and Consumable that are reaching the end of their lives in the current month, quarter, or this year.    

B. The Overall normalization results for both hardware and consumable models are displayed by Normalization Status and by Lifecycle. 



This tab acts as a command center for ServiceNow’s Hardware Asset managers. It allows one to track.  

a.) Purchase Orders and   

b.) Orders by Vendor, Expenditures by Vendors 


A.) It has an objective to show the value from maintaining inventory.  

End of Life 

A. That Hardware that is nearing the end of warranty (in the current month, quarter, or year) is shown.  

B. It also focuses on the Asset Disposal Status and the approach.

The Significance of Hardware Asset Management 

In the realm of project delivery, a guiding light is imperative for navigating the complex landscape of successful execution. ServiceNow's Hardware Asset Management introduces "Now Create," an indispensable aid for orchestrating flawless ServiceNow projects, including IT Asset Management (ITAM). This tool offers step-by-step guidance, ensuring meticulous planning and seamless implementation.   


Central to the efficacy of ServiceNow's project and delivery scope is the invaluable resource known as a Success Pack. Comprising an array of methodologies and assets, this pack serves as the bedrock for achieving project excellence.   


Enhancing this journey is the optimized approach encapsulated within ServiceNow's hardware asset management solution. This is achieved through a suite of associated applications and modules, including:   

  • Hardware Model Normalization  
  • Hardware Content Library for Normalization  
  • Hardware Manufacturer Life Cycle Dates 
  • Lifecycle Automation, Automated Asset Tasks 
  • Hardware Asset Dashboard 
  • Mobile Disposal Scanning and Remote Asset Receiving 
  • Advance Shipment Notifications 
  • Asset Sourcing 


The profound significance of hardware asset management within the ServiceNow ecosystem cannot be overstated. It paves the path for project triumph while streamlining operations through its meticulously designed tools and methodologies. 


How ServiceNow's HAM Solution enhances IT operations and support?

Concerning the “Success Pack,” ServiceNow’s hardware asset management provides a bottom-up approach to delivering successful projects, and hence ServiceNow’s Hardware Asset Management Solution enhances Its operations and support. It includes the following features:



A.) Project Methodologies 

a.) Implementation 

b.) Upgrade 

c.) Enhancement and 

d.) Landscape Optimizations  

B.) Assets 

a.) It is an embedded functionality that contains detailed product specific guidance 

C.) Project-Related Templates 

a.) In order to accelerate the project execution there are certain components available which are referred as  

i.) Project charters 

ii.) Project reports 

iii.) Raid logs and many others

ServiceNow's solution – For cost savings by optimizing hardware utilization 

By integrating with the traditional and current operational Business processes, ServiceNow’s hardware asset management solution allows the organization to gain the following: 


a.) Process Efficiencies 

b.) Improved Visibility 

c.) Significant time and 

d.) Cost Savings  


It can be achieved by the below-mentioned modules  

a.) Reporting and Dashboards: It allows the Auditor to know what asset we own and what will be its current State in the lifecycle to efficiently manage the same.   

b.) Requests and Procurement: To decrease time and cost and to improve data productivity, ServiceNow’s Hardware Asset Management Solutions has a provision to create streamlined and automated requests.   

c.) Managing Integrated Data: Using this module, overall consistency and accuracy can be achieved. 


ServiceNow’s Hardware Asset Management Solutions allow cost optimization under the financial reporting module, with the below-stated objectives:   


a.) Optimize Contracts: an inclusive example of the same is a warranty repair.    

b.) Standardize Assets: while focusing on Hardware Models, it offers consolidated hardware models.    

c.) Employee Separation: collective company assets offer this functionality.     


d.) Avoid Penalties: End-of-lease/ return or renewal can avoid a big loss to the organization and hence allow us to avoid penalties. 


How ServiceNow's solution helps maintain regulatory compliance with hardware assets?



The ServiceNow hardware asset management (HAM) solutions incorporate a crucial aspect known as Hardware Normalization. This involves the identification of opportunities to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Simplification and automation of processes. 
  • Reduction of asset-related risks. 
  • Ensuring compliance, which relates to adhering to security policies and regulatory mandates. 


In order to establish a secure corporate environment, it's essential to be aware of the hardware assets present, their ownership, and their current locations.  

ServiceNow's HAM solutions consist of a second-tier focus known as practical management (Tier 2), which revolves around asset management. This phase is characterized by: 

  • A continuous process. 
  • Preparations to progress to subsequent tiers. 


Within this tier, the management of automation, compliance, and contract details serves as a tool for optimizing practical asset management. Moreover, ServiceNow's HAM solutions encompass a hardware asset workspace. The primary objectives here are: 

  • Cost optimization 
  • Mitigation of compliance-related risks. This is achieved through factors such as enhanced data visibility, notifications, and actionable alerts. 


Additionally, these solutions provide an inventory process compliance feature. The main goal of this feature is to enhance the quality of data and establish a streamlined, controlled approach for inputting records into the database. 



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