Raju was a young man who lived a very traditional life. He graduated from college, owned a small IT company, and met a nice girl. He did well in school. Raju was the kind of person who always carried out his obligations.  

Our Hero, Mr SAM, approached Raju to opt for Asset Management Software Services. Still, Raju denied considering; he thought he knew everything he owned and was only going as per traditional ways. Mr SAM mentioned that it's a different thing what you own. But what's important is what you need actually?? Considering Mr SAM was a regular sales guy, he denied and rejected his intentions.

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One day, something awful happened to Raju that changed his life forever. 

After his 30th birthday, Raju went to the doctor's office to get his annual blood test done. A few days later, Raju received a phone call from his doctor:  

"Hello, Raju," the doctor said.  

"Hi," Raju says.  

"There is no simple way to convey this, Raju. A malignant tumour has been discovered at the back of your brain. Fortunately, it's not huge, and if we get it out right now, we don't anticipate any other problems. It is, however, an extremely risky treatment." The doctor stated in a voice filled with shock and fear.

"Because the tumour is so close to your brain stem, if we make a wrong move, you could sustain long-term brain damage that would affect many different aspects of your life, including your speech, thinking, and memory. Even the people you love in your life could slip your mind. However, if we don't perform this treatment, you'll likely die in the future years, "The doctor stated.

"I realize this is difficult, but I can schedule your operation with one of the top neurosurgeons in the country for one week from now. Do you want me to reserve it?" said the doctor.

Raju said with tears in his eyes, "I guess so."

A week later, the doctor came in, looked right into Raju's eyes, and said, "It's time.   


Raju had dozed off; for what might have been the last time in his life. Raju started dreaming while he slept. Raju suddenly found himself in a completely black room, along with a mirror, while still in his dream condition. He approached the mirror and started to look at himself. 


"Hello," his reflection said.  


"Hello?" Raju said in shock.   


"Don't be scared! This is just a dream." the image said.


Right, I guess this is simply a dream, Raju told himself.


You sound and look like me. That much is true. Who are you actually? said Raju. 


I represent all the viewpoints you have internalized from people, such as your parents, friends, and society, who all want you to conform to their idealized vision of whom you ought to be. Simply put, I am the person the world has advised you to be, and sadly, it appears that you have done so. Until the day of your death, the true you will always be present inside you. But yes, you need to start going for things you truly need. You should probably figure that out before you die for real, "the image said.   


The surgery was a success, and Raju was awake. He is now physically healthy. When Raju got home from the hospital, he just sat in his room, trying to absorb everything that had just happened.   


Post that day, since Raju knew figured out exactly what he needed, he just started to own it in his life.  


Raju was using the same experience and learnings in his company now. He also called Mr SAM and opted for SAM and HAM services to determine what is needed and what is a waste. Like the tumour, his business had unused assets that needed to be removed from the infra usage to have a healthy audit. 


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“One audit can change the course of our business and financial planning for so many years.” 


When a company hires a new employee, they often follow a set process to allocate them hardware assets. IT team innocently configures the hardware with software (mostly eligible for the organization). But have these hardware & software ever allocated based on -  

  1. Department  
  2. Cost centre  
  3. Most used software packages in that department?  
  4. Job role/Designation  

This will help to reduce software wastage and budget for IT assets.

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Raju's life-changing experience made him realize the importance of identifying what we truly need, not just in life but also in business. Implementing proper IT Asset Management (ITAM) tools, such as ServiceNow HAM and SAM, can help organizations reduce software waste and optimize IT asset usage, resulting in significant cost savings. It's time to own what we need and take advantage of inMorphis' comprehensive Asset Management Software to reflect the actual picture of our infrastructure.

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