ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) keeps track of all software, both virtual and non-virtual, along the software lifecycle. Desktop applications, databases, operating systems, etc., are examples of software assets.

Software Asset Management in ServiceNow

The ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) application systematically tracks, evaluates and manages software licenses, compliance and optimisation.  


Any application an organisation uses and has the legal right to is considered a software asset.  


An asset produced and utilised to support business activities is retired when it has reached the end of its useful life. Software assets are managed to use all software following its terms and conditions and any additional guidelines provided by the software provider.


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ServiceNow SAM - An ongoing process with strategic goals that:

  • Work with corporate security and risk management procedures to ensure the business and software are secure, licenced, and not open to attack. 
  • Increase output and improve processes.
  • Automate & manage IT activities, such as patch deployment and issue monitoring. You can reduce the cost of overhead.
  • Create and manage the procedures needed to achieve long-term SAM objectives, including those for the purchase, documentation, deployment, and use of software

Why We Need Software Asset Management (SAM)

ServiceNow Software Asset Management offers a single system of record to find opportunities for cost savings, resource elimination, compliance improvement, risk mitigation, and standardisation. 


Do You Know? 


A firm spends 15 hours each week dividing up its IT resources.  


A business spends 30 hours on average time gathering asset entitlement information for a significant software audit. 


Compared to companies that are only somewhat successful at SAM, they are 2.7 times more likely to rely on next-generation automation solutions.


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SAM Optimization Checklist

  • Maintain compliance: Upholding compliance lowers the likelihood of reputational harm and sizable unforeseen financial discoveries from compliance audits.  
  • Manage software requests and usage: It significantly impacts the IT budget.  
  • Support software audits: Compliance audits are becoming more complicated, frequent, and expensive. 
  • Organise and follow the lifespan of software licences
  • Harvest permits for software licences.
  • Buy only what is necessary. 
  • Maximise the rights to utilise products. 
  • Recognise licence metrics and deploy them appropriately. 
  • Only pay maintenance for software licences that are used.

Benefits of Software Asset Management

  • Cost saving 
  • Time-saving 
  • Lightning-fast licencing management 
  • Automation eliminates the need for manual labour and spreadsheets. 
  • Enhances the management of vendor relationships 
  • Simplifies audits

How to Succeed at Software Asset Management


Software licences are a component that must be handled and kept track of. It is the responsibility of the organisation to guarantee that their business complies with the terms and conditions contained in the licence agreement. Each licence comprises guidelines and information about how the software will be installed and used.  



Vendors frequently conduct audits to ensure you adhere to all terms and conditions of their licensing agreements.



A business can use ServiceNow SAM to gain consistent insight into its present and future software demands. Teams can then anticipate software requirements based on recent software modifications or capabilities.


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Software Asset Management and Capability Blueprint

ServiceNow software asset management and capability blueprint is a good practice for ServiceNow SAM program implementation and development: 

Tier 1 - Reliable Data 

  • To manage your assets, be aware of what you have. 

Tier 2 – Practical Management 

  • Enhance managerial oversight while generating instant rewards. 

Tier 3 – Operational Integration 

  • Through interaction with other processes, such as request procurement, efficiency and effectiveness are improved.  

Tier 4 – Strategic Similarity 

  • Accomplish best-in-class.

Software Asset Management Strategy 



According to ServiceNow, expenditure on software might easily surpass 20% of IT budgets as firms continue to purchase more software to support their operational environment. Your business can save time and money with a sound SAM strategy.


Best practices include:

  • Looking for savings in how software is configured
  • Finding every chance to reuse software licences rather than buying new ones
  • Automating, accelerating, and improving manual operations with a SAM platform

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Software Asset Management Content Service

Enrol in the 'software asset management system content' to share ServiceNow the software installation data. This will enhance the normalisation procedure. 


An IT asset management (ITAM) shared service that offers users ongoing software recognition enhancements is called the software asset management content service. You can get automatic content updates based on your specific software installation footprint by exchanging unnormalized software installation data with ServiceNow. 


Data shared through the software asset management content service is anonymous, safe, and disposed of correctly after reviewing as per ServiceNow privacy standards. 


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To sum up, ServiceNow SAM is a comprehensive software asset management tool that helps organizations track, manage, and optimize their software licenses and compliance while reducing costs and risks. It automates IT activities, simplifies audits, enhances vendor management, and saves time and resources. By implementing a SAM strategy, businesses can achieve cost savings, operational efficiency, and best-in-class practices.

To maximize the benefits of ServiceNow SAM, it is recommended to follow the SAM optimization checklist, enroll in the software asset management content service, and use the software asset management's capability blueprint.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your software management with your trusted SAM partner.

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