Presently, the biggest challenge for organizations is tracking their resources and identifying underutilized resources for reallocation or elimination. Furthermore, it also includes making sure that the software is safe and compliant, along with regularly updating it so as not to leave them vulnerable to attacks. That's a lot of work, expenditure, tedious actions, and whatnot!  

Hello readers, and welcome back to InMorphis blogs. In this blog, we'll discuss the above list of problems and how ServiceNow SAM is your best bet for monitoring and flowing assets smoothly  

ServiceNow SAM for Your Organization  


ServiceNow SAM application assists enterprises in optimizing software usage and lowering software license costs. Continue reading to learn more about how deploying ServiceNow SAM can benefit an organization in different aspects.  


Transparency and Cost Savings  

One of the most critical goals for any organization is value for money, which requires transparency to show the entire cost the organization needs to spend. A thorough understanding of the organization's current needs and future expectations may help them save considerable money on licensing 


Time Saved is Money Earned 

When there is no planning for the organization's software's current needs or future requirements, requirement time is wasted in figuring out short-term solutions. By automating SAM, employees can easily access necessary software asset information and determine what needs to be done.    


Improves Vendor Relationship Management 

With an ever-changing landscape in the IT industry, vendor relationships are one of the most crucial aspects to be kept in mind. Constant improvements are made with all the feedback and upgradation. This is crucial for constant feedback and improvement to vendors and can be very beneficial in the long term, making the software assets more compatible with the organization.  


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Makes You Audit Ready 

Auditing is an essential part of the proper functioning of any organization. It involves checking if the asset complies with the laws, regulations, contracts, and policies. Any random audits can result in product reputation and financial loss. Hence constant contact with the vendors and routinely updating the software license can be very helpful. All this can be taken care of by ServiceNow software asset management, which will let the employees know in advance about the upcoming audits.    

Makes Your Work Easier Than Ever 

SAM lets you easily download and install software from a vendor or the internet. Using SAM tools aids in the overall control of cloud software spending. It also provides insight into which cloud software solutions the firm uses and which devices. An organization's licenses, including the terms and conditions, maintenance agreement, and use rights, can be tracked



In A Nutshell  


ServiceNow SAM is a great tool that saves money and time and lets you know what is to be done before audits happen. It also eases your download and installation process, helps build and maintain a great rapport with the vendors, eases the recurring tedious tasks, and so on!   


Now, after understanding the inherent advantages of ServiceNow software asset management, let's go one step ahead and decide how to extract the best from the tool  

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Maximizing the Potential of ServiceNow SAM: Tips and Strategies  


Licenses Should be Updated 

Keep your licenses up to date as they contain information about installing the software, how to use it, and the standard sets of usage that must be accounted for. A license contains all such information. They must be managed and kept safely. 


Stay updated with the legacy, current and future needs of the organization  

In pursuit of compliance, don't overpay for the licenses you probably don't even need. Keep a check on your organization's needs and compliance simultaneously 


Understand that plans keep changing 

Hence, keep an eye on the current requirement and plan but don't plan too rigidly. ServiceNow SAM provides an overview of the needs and chooses the best way that will work for you.    


Be proactive in your auditing 

Analyze the risk and compliance issues that may arise while tackling them efficiently and economically. Quality work and economic expenditure should go hand in hand.   



Internal Audits  

Audits are the best way to decide whether the software is compliant. There are no in-between results. Drive your actions based on the compliant results.



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The Bottom Line   


In conclusion, ServiceNow SAM is an invaluable tool for any organization looking to streamline its software asset management processes, save time and money, and maintain compliance. Organizations can maximize the benefits of this tool by staying up-to-date with licensing, understanding current and future needs, being proactive in auditing, and conducting internal audits.    


The insights provided by ServiceNow SAM can lead to optimized software requirements, improved vendor relationships, and simplified audits. With ServiceNow SAM, organizations can focus on their core business functions and leave the software asset management to the experts 



Switch to ServiceNow SAM for better performance and a task less to worry about.