Q: You are the youngest employee of inMorphis. When did you join it and how do you feel about it?

I joined inMorphis in 2020 and I am a proud inMorphian. inMorphis provided me with the right platform to help me grow as an IT professional. It helped me in enhancing my skills and utilizing them in the right direction. The processes and practices followed in the organizations are as per the industry standards which helped me immensely in understanding IT culture at a stage where I had just completed my schooling. All the members of the inMorphis family are very supportive and they provide me with a motivating environment full of positive vibes.  

Q: Tell us about your background and what made you start your career so early? Any challenges that you faced?

I am currently pursuing BCA and I love to read about the latest technologies. I started learning about graphic design and web development when I was in class 12th. Later, I registered myself over several freelance and internship platforms to get work opportunities related to my skills. Luckily, inMorphis found me and gave me a suitable platform to nurture my skills.

Before I joined inMorphis, challenges that I faced were related to lack of self-confidence and rooted in self-doubt. inMorphis transformed my self-doubt into massive self-confidence. My trainers and my managers helped me immensely in building self-confidence and supported me in realizing my true potential.

Q: How did inMorphis help shape your career that no other organization could?

inMorphis is one of the world's Top-15 Specialist ServiceNow Partners and provides services in several domains. Being with such a great organization itself speaks volumes about the support it can offer. inMorphis has encouraged me to follow the path of innovation and helped me gain experience in various ServiceNow applications, such as ITSM, ITOM, ITBM and CSM.

Also, our elite client base helped me attain global exposure in a short period. I am now more fluent and comfortable when it comes to communication. As a result, today I am a more confident person.

Work-life balance is a big plus here. Internal recreational activities that are organised from time to time help build team spirits and provide a healthy competitive environment.

Q: What do you do at inMorphis and how is inMorphis helping you create innovations at work?

I am currently working as an Associate Software Engineer. There are so many great professionals around me who helped me get familiarized with ServiceNow and core concepts like RDBMS and front-end technologies. My trainers at the Bootcamp training even helped me clear my CSA exam. I’ve also learned deeply about ITSM and ITAM implementations. My team leads and managers provided me with the freedom to explore different solutions and help me rectify my mistakes while being extremely patient.

Q: Talk about your career aspirations?

I find deep satisfaction in learning new things, and this has become the foundation of my career aspirations. I intend to become a seasoned ServiceNow Consultant by gaining experience in the implementations of different applications and eventually become a Solution Architect. Apart from ServiceNow I would also like to work on emerging technologies like blockchain and Augmented Reality.

Q: Any message for the people who’d like to start their career at an early stage?

I would like to give them a message to focus their time on important things. As with the internet, we are all exposed to a large amount of information that may or may not be of use. So, it’s important to devote your time to learning new things and acquiring knowledge that could be used in shaping your career for good.